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Britech is a manufacturer and supplier of Custom Extrusions of many different elastomers. With over twenty years of experience with extrusions we are known for our excellent customer service and quick turnarounds for stock and custom extrusions. Our inventory includes many different vinyl and plastic compounds. There are rigid and flexible materials available, depending on your requirements. Many items are also available in different colors and textures. Our Rubber Products Division offers rubber extrusions of all types. Plastic extrusions and vinyl extrusions are available on this site. We supply extruded elastomers of all types including thermoplastic elastomers and many different vinyl elastomers. Custom plastic extrusions and custom vinyl extrusions are our specialty. Browse our site for more information and contact us for all your extrusion needs. We are available for our customers at anytime. Please call 772-286-9278 to speak with one of our extrusion specialists. Or contact us by e-mail using the Contact link to the left.  
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